MIA Ghana Gold
— Food with thought

MIA, short for Made In Africa, was founded on the belief that communities across the African continent can improve their livelihoods by creating delicious value-added food products. The new Ghana Gold range, made from start to finish in Ghana, gives MIA a unique position in the world of ethical chocolate as a pioneer of the made-in-Africa model. The brief was to create a brand and packaging style that was different enough from their existing products whilst maintaining enough of the established brand to clearly belong within the family.

We created a flowing graphic device, inspired by Ghanaian textile designs, to be used across the range. The colour palette was also influenced by these vibrant textile designs. We made sure to retain enough of the familiar touch-points from the existing products, however, we evolved certain details so that they were unique to the Ghana Gold range. These details were carried through from the front of pack, to the inside foil, and chocolate mould.

Packaging, Art-Direction

Kris Jacobs - Photography


"We worked with SoStudio to create Ghana Gold as a sub-brand for MIA, a chocolate brand created several years prior. Our challenge was to make Ghana Gold different enough to create a clear division from our original Madagascan chocolate brand while still possessing enough of the established brand assets to belong to the MIA family. Arriving at a great design that balanced a new look with a clear connection to MIA was only possible thanks to an open and flexible approach on the part of So Studio. Throughout the different design stages, a consistent focus on the key project elements ensured the project evolved in the right direction and ultimately led to a final result that provides us with a great opportunity to expand our business with Ghana Gold."

Brett Beach | Co-founder, MIA