— Stretch your body and mind

Yoyoga aims to create a fun, safe space for kids and teens, where they reconnect with their bodies, and in the process, calm their minds. Classes involve a mixture of yoga, meditation, story, art, and music. The new identity needed to reflect this sense of playfulness while feeling inviting to young people of all ages.

We created a lighthearted wordmark that emulates simple yoga movements, while a set of illustrated characters in vibrant colours spell out the brand name. The individual illustrated characters can also stand alone as decorative details to be used across social media and printed applications. Gentle character animations add to the overall sense of calm and relaxation.

Brand Identity, Print Design,
Motion Design

Perrine Forite - Illustration


"From the get-go So Studio were so enthusiastic about our project. We really felt heard when sharing our vision and the team came up with such great ideas to help us shape our aesthetic. Bringing their creativity to our vision delivered a fresh, vibrant and fun solution that exceeded our expectations, and feels like the perfect fit for us. They were amazing to work with and we felt totally supported throughout the process. So Studio bring a generosity to their collaborations which I hadn’t expected and was genuinely impressed by."

Claire Hayden | Owner, Yoyoga