— Growing communities

Calyx is a New York-based development consulting firm seeking to level the playing field and elevate the voices of historically disenfranchised people through the medium of affordable, sustainable housing development and preservation. Working with real estate investors of all stripes, they help to translate ideas into thriving, sustainable communities.

The new brand reflects the human aspect at the heart of Calyx. The name refers to the part of a plant which supports and protects the developing flower. Using this simple idea, we created a suite of playful illustrations showing plants literally growing homes and communities. A copy style which is friendly in tone, uses familiar and playful phrases referencing plants, home and growth. The leaf-shaped ‘x’ within the logo further emphasises the link to the name, while the strapline “Growing Communities” continues the theme.

Brand Identity, Copywriting,
Print Design

Anna Kövecses - Illustration


"I needed to express Calyx as a holistic company in an otherwise segmented professional field in order to assert my desire to be seen as a one-stop shop. My aspiration was to convey a warmer tone around concepts of place, space and home in an otherwise perfunctory affordable housing world.

I gather that translating a founder's vision from the abstract into a tangible result is not an easy task but So Studio handled everything with aplomb, from managing client expectations and deliverables to breathing life into the art that would eventually become the visual interpretation of my company. Our relationship in developing the marketing experience for Calyx felt easy as a result. I highly recommend So Studio and look forward to becoming a repeat customer of theirs in the future."

Alana Smith | Founder, Calyx