Digital Learning Institute
— Leading the way in instructional design

Established in 2019, the Digital Learning Institute (formerly FlexLabs) helps learning professionals build their careers and reach their potential as certified digital learning designers, via their university credit-rated, industry-approved courses. To accompany the recent name change, we were asked to create a new identity that reflected the positioning and represented their core offering.

This led to an identity based around the idea of knowledge transfer from one point to another – teacher to student. A striped graphic path represents this journey, and wherever possible, we show the student placed within it. This transfer of knowledge is also illustrated through imagery of natural and technological systems and cycles, movement and the flow of energy ranging from the micro to macro in scale.

Brand Identity, Print Design,
Website Art-Direction, Iconography, Brand Guidelines


"So Studio created a brand identity for the Digital Learning Institute that seamlessly connects our value proposition with our students and customers. As a team, they bring a unique blend of creativity and innovation to any project, but this is always underpinned by a practical, responsive and commercial delivery. The entire process was always collaborative and enjoyable. So Studio remain a trusted advisor and brand partner for us as our business develops. I would highly recommend them for any strategic branding initiatives."

John Kilroy | CEO, Digital Learning Institute