Savage Sauces
— Small batch, Irish made

As collectors of all kinds of weird and wonderful sauces, this was a dream job to work on. Savage Sauces create amazing small-batch sauces, using all-natural ingredients. Off the back of the success of their homemade fermented sriracha, they decided to expand their product range with some new and equally punchy additions. The one request from the owners’ was for the new packaging design to feel handmade and homemade, like the sauces.

These recipes started off as kitchen experiments, and we were keen for the design to reflect this. The number on each label, in the owner's handwriting, refers to the number of attempts it took to get each sauce just right. A rubber-stamped 'X' on each label adds to the DIY feel, while the bold typography has plenty of attitude. With the sauces having so much character, we wanted to carry that through into the imagery by using moody setups with stark flash-lit photography.

Brand Identity, Packaging,

Egle Laukyte - Photography


"So Studio took our muddle of ideas and thoughts, and translated them into perfectly executed branding that encapsulated everything we were trying to articulate in the most succinct, creative way! They were so genuinely enthusiastic, wonderfully creative, very patient, and extremely efficient as they guided us every step of the way. The whole process was easy going, enjoyable and professional. We came away totally satisfied with impactful, unique branding that exceeded our expectations. We highly recommended working with So Studio."

Sean Cotter | Owner, Savage Sauces